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RNST Coaches Corner

Coaches!  Practice Sign Up 2016-2017

Instead of e-mailing your availability for coaching at various practice sessions, please now sign-up using the sign-up genius application. You can access the sign-up site here.

Dropbox for Coaches
We now have a Dropbox account to store documents, reports etc. You can access the dropbox account by clicking here. Note: you will need to have a Dropbox account in order to access it, but this is very easy to set up.

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (03/29/16)
Click above for the minutes of the post season coaches meeting held on 03/29/16

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (09/22/15)
Click above for the minutes of the pre-practice coaches meeting held on 09/22/15

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (03/25/15)
Click above for the minutes of the coaches meeting held on 03/25/15

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (11/13/14)
Click above for the minutes of the pre-practice coaches meeting held in Elton Hills school on 11/13/14. 

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (10/3/13)
Click above for the minutes of the beginning-of-season coaches meeting held in Darald's house on 10/3/13. 

Minutes - Coaches Meeting (3/26/13)
Click above for the minutes of the end-of-season coaches meeting held in Joey's house on 3/26/13. 

Meet the RNST Coaches

Ever wonder who is doing the coaching ? We have 32 volunteer coaches this season, so it can be hard to remember who is who. Well we now have a rogues gallery of all our coaches - click on the pdf file below to put a name to a face.

RNST Ski Coaches for the 2013 - 2014 ski season

Below is a photo of some of the RNST coaches from the 2009/2010 ski season.

Helpful Guides on Ski Technique/Dryland Training

Nordic Skiing Technique by Henry Walker

Nordic Skiing Technique Pocket Reference

Outside Dryland Exercises

Gym Exercises

Concussion Training Module

While we have never had a skier suffer a head injury, it is good to know what to do should a skier or biker crash and bang their head. Below is a link to the on-line training modules on concussion.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) module takes about 30 minutes  and is quite comprehensive. State law now requires all high school coaches  take some training in concussion and we believe that it is important for all of us to take the course as well.  When you do take it, please let Michael O'Connor ( know.

Concussion training module (from CDC - more comprehensive than MSHSL video)

The following people have completed the module (note: certification is good for 3 years from date of completion) 

Date              Name                    

07/23/16   O'Connor, Michael

08/09/14   Keillor, Joey

10/23/16   Wollan, Peter

11/10/16   Bothun, Darald

01/04/17   Robertson, Jeff

09/25/15   Bennett, Jim

08/20/16   Behrends, Mark

08/02/16   MacCarty, Robert

09/06/11   Ehling, Paul

01/08/17   Manulik, Bob

10/22/16   Hocraffer, Henry

10/16/16   Resman, John

10/19/11   Gross, Gary

10/22/11   Gjere, Michael

10/24/16   Walker, Henry

08/20/17   Pankowski, Don

11/11/15   Knapp, Barry

07/27/16   Gyura, Joe

11/29/11   Prosser, Ed

12/01/11   Shelerud, Randy

01/03/12   Hale, Curt

07/23/16   Greymont, Dave

11/09/15   Peter, Rich

12/03/15   Franz Rinkleff

07/23/16   Palmer, Shaun

07/26/16  Wood, Andy

07/28/16  Herbert, David

07/31/16  Luetmer, Maryann

09/07/16  Welch, Robb

10/18/16   Rabe, Joan

11/27/16  Schwieder, Christiane

12/28/16   Baranczyk Shawn

01/04/17  Karsten, Leah

01/04/17  Argo, Katherine

01/04/17  Lindberg, Eric

01/05/17   Nath, Dan

01/07/17  Ratelle, James

01/09/17  Whipple, Danny

10/08/17   Berg, Kevin  

Asthma Training Module

An asthma action plan or AAP is an individualized plan created in collaboration between a patient and their health care provider. While almost all AAP’s direct the use of an albuterol inhaler for symptoms – there can be differences in doses and frequency.


There are many different AAP’s available but the majority use a green, yellow, red format to categorize and relay information. It doesn’t happen often but best practices for asthma means a coach should technically have an AAP for any player who has asthma. That action plan will tell you what symptoms may appear for a single player if their asthma is flaring up and what medication (albuterol or levalbuteral) to use and how much or how often to use it.


The biggest problem is that many coaches don’t know some of their players have asthma – then when they start having some rather startling symptoms, the coach didn’t know what to do, or they might have known but the player didn’t have any albuterol/rescue inhaler with them. 

Here’s the webpage describing an AAP along with a copy you can download. We will be asking parents for a copy from their health provider. All kids with asthma should have an AAP – it’s a requirement in MN that all prescribing providers provide one.

Below are the coaches who have completed the MN DOH coaches training on asthma

Date              Name                    

09/14/17   Greymont, David

10/12/17  Wollan, Peter

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