Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

RNST Zoom Sessions

Note - please use either Safari (Mac/ipad) or Internet Explorer (PCs) to access the videos. Other browsers may not load videos, or load only the shorter segments.

Recordings of the RNST practice zoom sessions can be found below. If you do not to see the full session, some of the key practice tips have been loaded separately and can be found here.

RNST - Feb 15th 2021

RNST - Feb 11th

RNST - Feb 8th

RNST - Jan 14th

RNST - Dec 22nd

First year Skier session

RNST - Dec 22nd

Group zoom, with Nordic Jumping discussion (last 15 minutes)

RNST - Dec 21st

group zoom

RNST - Dec 21st

Coach Joey discusses technique in World Cup video

RNST - Dec 17th

Due to technical problems with zoom, the video recording of the session from Dec 17th is not available. 

RNST - Dec 15th

RNST - Dec 14th

RNST - Dec 10th

RNST - Dec 8th

RNST - Dec 7th

RNST - Dec 3rd

RNST - Nov 30th / Dec 1st

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