Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

Donations to RASC and RASC-related 
      Projects (Updated 4/7/22)


If you would like to donate to RASC, to the Rochester Nordic ski team (our high school / middle school program), or to the Rochester Mountain Bike Team (our high school mountain bike team), please either complete the on-line donation form or send your donation to Michael O’Connor, 3128 Lake Vista Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901. 

Please indicate if your donation is for a specific project (i.e a specific trail project) or for general support of RASC, RNST, RMBT or trail development and upkeep. Every donation towards the RASC trail development fund helps us achieve our goal of maintaining great mountain bikes trails, and well groomed and functioning ski trails ! All donations are fully tax deductible and a donation receipt will be provided. 


$1000 and up

Ben Bosch fund (RASC)

Victoria's restaurant (RNST) 

Anonymous (RASC)

Tyrol Ski & Sports (Gamehaven snowmaking)

Stephen F Pieper Memorial Fund (RMBT)

$100 and Up


Curt Shellum (RASC ski trails)

Lisa Dunning (Gamehaven Nordic trails)

Allison & Aaron Benike Family Donor Advised Fund (RASC)

Karen and Allen DeLacey (RASC)

Amer Alam (RNST)

Seneca Foods Foundation (RASC)

Blackbaud Giving fund (RASC)

Alex Tackmann (MTB trails / Gamehaven and Eastwood)

Michael and Tish Torchia (Gamehaven trails)

Up to $100

Rachel Obranovich (RASC ski trails, RNST)

Roger Grimm (Gamehaven, RASC ski trails)

Past Donations to RASC

RASC gratefully acknowledges our past donors who have helped us expand our work on trail development and development of our middle / high school ski and mountain bike programs. 


$1000 and up

Sean McCauley & Joselyn Raymundo (Gamehaven)

Steve & Janie Russell (RNST, RASC ski trails)

Sean McCauley & Joselyn Raymundo (RASC)

$100 and Up

Bill Tremaine (RASC)

Seneca Foods Foundation (RASC)

Eric Snyder (RASC ski trails)

Greg Caucutt (RASC)

Slyvia McBride-Bergum (Gamehaven snowmaking)

Alec Tackman (MTB trails - Gamehaven/Eastwood)

Sons of Norway (Kristiania Lodge) (RNST)

Anonymous (Gamehaven)

Dave Hallaway (RMBT/RNST & MTB Trails)

Grant Webber (RASC ski trails & Minorities in Silent Sports)

George Rivest (RASC)

Karen & Allen DeLacey (RASC)

Jennifer Lisowe (RASC trails & RNST)

Tish Torchia (Gamehaven trails)

Carl Voss (RMBT)

Henry Hocraffer (RASC)

David Hallaway (MTB and Snow biking)


Up to $100

Jeanne Logelin (RASC ski trails)

Dan Schaid (RASC)

The Rosen Family (RASC Trails / RNST)

Don Pankowski (RASC)

Blackbaud Giving Fund (RASC)

Kristin & Eric Sorenson (RNST - Don Pankowski memorial fund)

Mike Holmes (RASC ski trails) 

Benjamin Gateno (Gamehaven MTB trails)

Todd Howland (Gamehaven snowmaking / RASC)

Eric Gates (RASC)


$1000 and up

Victoria's restaurant (RNST) 

North Star Ski Touring Club (RNST equipment)

$100 and Up

Paul and Maggie Scanlon (RASC)

Randy Shelerud (RASC trails)

Sons of Norway (Kristiania Lodge) (RNST)

Grant Johnson ((RASC)

Anna Peikert (RNST)

Joy Heimgartner (RASC ski trails)

Eric Snyder (RASC ski trails)

James Findlay (RASC) 

Anonymous (RASC MTB trails)

Daniel Price (Minorities in Silent sports / MTB trails)

Up to $100

Greg Caucutt (RASC ski trails)

Roger Grimm (RASC)

Chandler Borrillo (Carry the Torch)

Eric Hanson (RASC trails)

Joanna Billings (RNST)

Claudia Gutierrez (RASC)

Eric Scott (RASC ski trails)

Eric Voldal (RASC ski trails)

Ann Catherwood (RASC ski trails)

Gary & Kathryn Kleist (RASC)

Brett Koplin (RASC ski trails)

Eric Snyder (RASC ski trails) 

Benjamin Gateno (MTB trails) 

Your Cause (RASC)

Mark Rieder (Minorities in Silent sports)

Martin Cormack (Minorities in Silent sports)

Colby Chapman (RASC MTB trails)

John Pakan (RASC)



$1000 and up

Sean McCauley / Joslyn Raymundo (RMBT trails)

Scheels (RMBT trails - RCTC)

Subaru of Rochester (RMBT event)

Victoria's restaurant (RNST)

$500 and up

First Alliance Credit Union (MTB bike race)

$100 and Up

Maggie and Paul Scanlon (RASC)

Veola Hogan (RMBT) 

Kristiania Lodge (Sons of Norway) (RNST)

Laura Zumbrunnen (RASC ski trails)
Leah Jane Holmes  (RASC) 
George Rivest (RASC ski trails)

David Danielson (RASC ski trails)

Troy McEldownoy (MTB trails)

Tyler Hueter (MTB)

Ann Holmes (RNST)

Allan & Karen DeLacy (RASC)

Seneca Foods (RASC)

Eric's Bike Shop (MTB bike race)

Shrpa / Chris Lukenbill (MTB bike race)

Rochester Sheels (MTB bike race)

Bell Bank/ Jason Grigs (MTB bike race)

Bicycle Sports (MTB bike race)

ReMax Realty (MTB bike race)

Joel and Carol Raygor (MTB bike race)

Up to $100

Troy McEldownoy (MTB trails)

Bill Tremaine (RASC)

James Krugel (RASC)

Todd Howland & Adela Carrasco (Trail development)

Kelly VanCamp (RASC)

Mark Korinek (RASC)



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)

Subaru of Rochester (RMBT event)

$500 and Up

RE/MAX Results - Joel & Jackson Raygor (RMBT event)

Scheels Rochester (RMBT event)

Rochester Cycling (RMBT event)

$100 and Up

James Findlay

John T Teske (multiple donations)

Palmer Soderberg, Inc. (RMBT event)

Bell Banks - Jason Griggs (RMBT event)

Cyclocarbon (RMBT event)

Bicycle Sports (RMBT Event)

Erik’s Bike  (RMBT event)

Up to $100

Eric Pieh (for RASC ski trails)

Gary and Kathie Kleist

Anonymous (United Way)

Marie Boyd



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)

$500 and Up (Jason Egginton)


$100 and Up

Lisa and Jerry O'Brien

Curt Shellum

Randy Shelerud

Sons of Norway

Paul and Maggie Scanlon

James Martenson

Michael Pascoe

Up to $100

William and Sarah Oyler (for Essex ski trail)

Gary and Kathie Kleist (for RASC ski trails)

Joel and Anita Cayou

Roger Grimm (Gamehaven winter park)

MTB Radio / Ben Welnak (Gamehaven trails)



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)

$500 and Up

Randy Dobson (for RASC)
Matthew Dinusson (for RASC)
Marian O'Donnell (for RMBT)


$100 and Up

Eric and Kristin Sorenson (for RNST)
Sons of Norway
Marie Boyd (RASC equipment/trails)
Bill & Kathy Tremaine (RASC ski trails)
Think mutual Bank

Up to $100

Barbara Dobie (for RNST)
Gary Kleist (for RASC ski trails)
John Dinusson (MTB trails in Gamehaven/Eastwood)
Kayla Siok (RASC ski trails / equipment)
Mark Rieder (RASC ski trails / equipment)



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)


$100 and Up

Chris Derauf (for RASC)
Bill & Kathy Tremaine (for RASC)
Sons of Norway (Kristiania lodge 47)

Up to $100

Benjamin Gateno (for RASC trails)
Vanessa Torbenson (for RASC)
Brett Koplin & Karla Johnson (for RNST)




$1000 and up

Roger Stahl (for RASC)
's Restaurant (for RNST)

McNeilus Company (for QH ski trail bridge)

$500 and Up

TEC Industrial (for QH ski trail bridge)
Sherry Jester & Harry Cloft
 (For RASC ski trails)
Rochester Cycle & Fitness  (For RASC ski trails)

Tyrol Ski & Sport (For RASC ski trails)

Somerby's Golf Club (For RASC ski trails)

Telemark Condominiums (For RASC ski trails)


$100 and Up

Randy Shelerud (for RASC)
Dave Hallaway (for Mountain Bike trail development)
Kah Whye Peng (for RASC ski trails)
Sons of Norway (Kristiania lodge 47)
David Danielson (For RASC ski trails)
Jeff Baum (For RASC)

Margaret Long (For RASC)

David Ahlquist (For RASC)

RNST Skiers (For RNST equipment)

Up to $100

Randy Shelerud (for RASC)
Mike and Leah Holmes (In honor of David Sorenson and RNST)

Martha Voytovich (For RASC ski trails)

James Martenson (For RASC)

Fred Rengsdtorf (For RASC trails)

Nancy & Jeffrey Werning (for RNST)

Randy & Mary Shelerud (For RASC)

Ed & Sue Prosser (for RNST)

William Baldus, M.D. (for RASC)
Paul & Laura Ehling (for RASC)
Gregory Anderson (for RNST)
Eric & Theresa Hanson (for RNST)



$1000 and up

Victoria 's Restaurant (for RNST)
Minnesota HS League (for RMBT)


$200 and Up

Thomas and Brenda Dylla (for RNST)

Bill and Kathy Tremaine (for RASC trails)

Henry Hocraffer (for RASC ski trails)

Sons of Norway

Clive Zent (For RASC ski trails)

Don and Camilla Berry (For RNST)


Up to $100

Anna Resman (For RASC ski trails)

Roger Nelson (For RASC ski trails)

Jon and Kay Coker (For RNST / RASC)



$1000 and Up

Jeff and Muriel Nixa (For Essex Park trails)


$500 and Up

Victoria 's restaurant (For RASC ski trails)

Glen Schultes & Michelle Bjerke (For RASC ski trails)

Dana Harney & Brent Teske - ex-RNST members (For RNST ski equipment)


$200 and Up

Thomas and Brenda Dylla (for RNST)

Kula Shives (For RASC ski trails)

Deepi Goyal (For RASC ski trails)


$100 and Up

Paul and Bree Bacalis (for RMBT)

Rochester Cycle & Fitness (For RMBT)

Bob and Catherine Manulik (For RASC MTB trails)

Danial Berry (For RASC ski trails)

David Hallaway (For RASC MTB trails)

Clive and Janet Zent (for RASC ski trails)

William and Cynthia Macon (For RNST)

Henry Hocraffer (for RASC ski trails)

David Mithun (For RASC ski trails)

Rudolph Klassen, M.D. (For RASC ski trails)


$50 and Up

Marie Boyd (For RASC ski trails)

Roger Nelson (For RASC ski trails)




$1000 and Up

Bruce and Jan Burnes (AED equipment for RNST)


$300 and Up

Anonymous (for RASC trail equipment)


$100 and Up

Chris Magnotto (for RASC ski trails)

Bill and Kathy Tremaine (for RASC trail equipment)

Bruce Burnes (for RASC trail equipment)

Steve & Jennifer Ommen (for RNST / RASC trail equipment)

Glenn Schultes & Michelle Bjerke (for RASC trail equipment)

David Ahlquist (for RASC trail equipment)

Paul & Maggie Scanlon (for RASC trail equipment)

Scott McClure (for RASC trail equipment)

Patrick McKee (for RASC trail equipment)

Laura & Michael Zumbrunnen (for RASC trails)

John Bartucz (for RASC trail equipment)

Clive Zent (for RASC trails)

Steve Russell (for RNST)

Heidi & William Oehler (for RASC trails)

Bruce & Melissa Walk (for RASC trail equipment)


Up to $100

Rene Chartier (for RASC)

Scott Milburn (for RASC trails)

Kula Shives (for RASC trails)

Chris Flood (for RASC trails)

Jane Hale (for RASC trails)

Dan Schaid (for RASC trail equipment)

Jerry O'Brien (for RASC trails)

Dave Hallaway (for RASC trails)





$500 and Up

Pharmaceutical Specialties - The Vanicream Company (for RNST)

Sebastian Richer (for new grooming equipment)


$100 and Up

Henry Hocraffer (for RASC ski trails)

William and Cynthia Macon (for RNST)

Jeff Robertson (for RNST fundraiser event)

Peter and Gail Wollan (for new RNST ski equipment)

Cathy and Armando Manduca (for RASC ski trails)

Laura Zumbrunnen (for RASC Ski trails)

Steve Ommen (for RNST and RASC ski trails)

Clive Zent (for RASC ski trails)


$50 and Up

Kay Coker (for Essex Park trails)

Marie Boyd (for RASC ski trails)





$300 and Up

The Macon Family (for the RNST)

Dave Hallaway and Terri Crist (for mountain biking)


$100 and Up

Matt Hawkins (Rochester Cycle & Fitness)


Up to $100

William and Heidi Oehler

Peter Maves

Joe Gyura

Roberto Cattaneo

Curt Shellum

Eric Counselman




$500 and Up

James Gores, D.D.S.

Tyrol Ski and Sports (for RNST)


$100 and Up

Clive Zent

Jon Rosenblatt

Sertoma Club (for RNST)


Up to $100

David Berg

Paul Scanlon




$100 and Up

Paul Scanlon

Michael and Laura Zumbrunnen


Up to $100

Rich Peter

Bruce and Phyllis Svingen (2 donations)

Sheryl Christenson




$100 and Up

Tim Moynahan


Up to $100

Paul Scanlon

Paul Quiram

Richard Bennett

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