Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

About RASC 

Rochester Active Sports Club is a multi-sport club designed to provide a framework for the support and development of sports such as cycling (MTB and road) and nordic skiing in South East Minnesota. The club is organized as a nonprofit organization in the State of Minnesota and has 501 (c)(3) status. The charter of the club allows the members to form additional groups to support other activities such as in-line skating etc. Most of the business of the club is conducted via e-mail and the internet as they provides rapid, inexpensive means of communication. RASC is strongly orientated towards active participation in endurance sports. Most of us would rather be out biking or skiing than in a meeting. With its strong emphasis towards endurance sports, many of the members actively compete in their sports. One of our primary goals is to build up active participation through coaching sessions and clinics to improve members skills in biking and skiing. We organize coaching sessions, ski events, bike races and regular bike rides. The coordinators were picked because they are very active in their sports and had been informally organizing many such events over the last few years.

RASC Board and Committees (2022)

Below is a list of the main groups in the club, from the RASC Board to all the biking / ski groups, and associated groups involved in trail work. If you are interested in helping in any of the groups or committees listed below, they would love to have additional help. To that end, we have listed the e-mail address of the primary people involved in each group, should you want to contact them.

RASC Board

This is the main RASC Board – we meet sporadically, usually a few times a year.

President: David Herbert (

Past-President: Michael O’Connor (

Treasurer : Dave Greymont (

RMBT representative: Scott Hogen

RNST representative: David Herbert

Board members (all officers above are also board members)

Lindsay Bartolomai

Anna Sortland

Alec Tackmann

Robb Welch

 Henry Walker

Carolyn Franzone

Mike Holmes

Joey Keillor

Jim Bennett

Jackson Raygor

 Joe Gyura

 Joel Raygor

Andy Wood

Rochester Nordic Ski Team

This group manages the RNST, interfaces with the school district, plans ski meets, and the annual ski camp etc.

Head Coach: David Herbert (

Assistant head coaches:

     Joe Gyura        

Joey Keillor

Barry Knapp

Joan Rabe

Anna Sortland,

Henry Walker

Kelly Van Camp

Andy Wood

 Operations committee

Rochester School Liaison: Steve Felton

RNST Ski camp coordinator:  John Resman

RNST equipment manager: Michael O’Connor

RNST Administrator: Kristin Sorenson

Dave Greymont

  Henry Walker

Rochester Mountain Bike Team

This group manages the RMBT, interfaces with the school district, and the state and national high school organizations.

Team Director: Scott Hogen (

Head coach Mayo HS: Scott Hogen

Head coach Rochester Composite : Matt Blanshan

Head coach Century HS: Scott Hogen

Operations committee:

Nancy Peters

Eric Johnson

Dan Doering

Sarah Srp

Quarry Hill trail maintenance (winter/summer)

This group manages the trails in Quarry Hill park. This involves mowing and trail maintenance in summer and grooming in winter.

Head groomer: Peter Wollan (


Barbara Barry

David Squillace

Evan Peterson

Harvey Bertrand

Henry Walker

Joey Keillor

John Resman

 Mark Foley

Michael Holmes

Tom McKinely

Essex Park trail maintenance (winter/summer)

This group manages the trails in Essex park. This involves mowing and trail maintenance in summer and grooming in winter.

Head groomer: Andy Wood (


Joe Gyura

Laura Zumbrunnen

Lisa Luetmer

Brennan Kelly

Barry Knapp

Matt Hawkins

Dan Nath

Chris Brunholzl

Grant Johnson

Wayne Sadeski 

Gamehaven Park Project

This group is involved in developing Gamehaven Park as a winter/summer sports park. Initially it is working on plans for snowmaking in collaboration with the Rochester Parks and Recreation Department.

Jim Bennett (

Jeff Robertson

Dave Greymont

Michael O’Connor

David Herbert

Henry Hocraffer

Gamehaven/Eastwood MTB Trail Management & Development

This group is involved in developing and maintaining the MTB trails in Gamehaven and Eastwood parks.

Jackson Raygor (

Jeff Robertson (

Scott Hogen

Bill Baker

RCTC MTB Trail Project

This group is exploring the development of new MTB trails in the 70-acre forested area on RCTC grounds to the north of U.S. 14.

Scott Hogen (

Henry Walker (

Bob Gritman

Patrick Sheedy

    On-line Registration System
    We have an on-line registration available that handles all our membership categories and gives you full control over your membership details. If you do not wish to do an on-line payment, you must still complete the on-line form. You can then mail in your membership dues and your membership will be activated at that time. 

    If you wish to mail in membership payment, send the check (payable to RASC) to Rochester Active Sports Club, 3128 Lake Vista Drive NW, Rochester, MN 55901. 

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