Rochester Active Sports Club (RASC) is a nonprofit club based in Rochester Minnesota, designed to promote nordic skiing, mountain biking and road biking in SE Minnesota.

Coaching Links

Fundamental Ski Movements: Coach Jim Bennett put together a great summary of the 5 key movements in cross country skiing along with suggestions for drills.  These movements and drills are a key part of the CXC Coaches Training and Certification course. During dryland, after the warm-up, we'll be leading the skiers through these at every practice.  On-snow, it's a great way to start your session with your group of skiers.  Click here to view 

RNST Ski Skills Checklist: A short list of of the key elements for the 5 techniques: home position, double pole, V1, V2-Alt, and V2. Click here to view

Dryland Ski Practice Ideas: Coach Darald Bothun has put together some drills for dryland practices. Click here to view 

Videos of On Snow and Dryland Technique and Drills.  These provide some great suggestions you can use with your skiers (click below)

On-snow Ski Games for kids from Nordic Ski Lab, Canada

Ski games

Also a nice set of videos on basi technique from Nordic Ski Lab can be found here:

2013 CXC REG Agility Test - Ian Torchia

So you think you can roller ski - check out this video of Ian doing the CXC agility test

Norwegian Agility Test !

So if you think what Ian can do looks good, check out this video from Norway. these are 15-16 year old skiers on their agility course. So this is what we need to do for fun!

Helpful Guides on Ski Technique/Dryland Training

Nordic Skiing Technique by Henry Walker

Nordic Skiing Technique Pocket Reference

Outside Dryland Exercises

Gym Exercises


Coach Rich Peter has pulled together this 

Guide to Cross Country Ski Waxing:
2016 Ski Waxing.pdf

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